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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fox Hunt Rules


Fox Hunting participations will be open for two (02) categories as follows:

1) Intermediate - Individual Open
2) Beginner - Team of 2 members


1. Open to All Radio/ HAM Operators and SWL.

2. Type of this competition will be done in Pedestrian mode (on foot). Only ONE transceiver/ receiver and antenna is allowed for all categories.



1. Intermediate category - 5 beacon

2. Beginer Category - Three low power

4. The hidden transmitter signal may be copy able at the starting point. The start point and start time are determined by the organizer. Maximum contest time allowed is 3 hours.

5. Participants will be supplied with Scoring Card and required to mark their cards with the marking device found attached to the flags, and return it to the marshals at the “Finish” position.

6. Participants are not allowed to transmit during the hunting period or cause damage to the Fox equipments.

7. All
foxes will transmit on between 144.000 - 145.000 MHz, mode F2A.

2 Meter Band

F2A :-
i. F - Frequency Modulation,
ii. 2 – A single channel containing quantized or digital information with the use of a modulating sub-carrier.
iii. A – Telegraphy – for aural reception

8. Participants are permitted to use ready-made commercial receivers and antennas. Handicap in terms of time, will be given for those who use equipment/ accessories, receivers and antenna of own design/ constructed.

9. All hunting equipments used in this competition will be impounded before the start of the hunt and will only be returned to the respective Participants when they are about to be flag-off.

10. Participants are not allowed to activate their hunting equipment until they have moved off past a specified location.

11. Participants are allowed to hunt the foxes in any order of their preferences.

12. The winner of the hunt is determined by who finds all transmitters at the shortest time. There will be three winning positions for each category.

13. The hunt boundaries are determined by the organizer.

14. Rule Modifications: Any rule modifications will be announce before the hunt starts if such a modification is deemed necessary by the organizer.

15. It is absolutely forbidden to give or take any assistance from or to any person, including participants, and also to utilize any means or method other than permitted. The penalty for both shall be disqualification. However participants are expected to provide emergency assistance or first aid to another participant when needed; no participant will be disqualified for providing such assistance so long as they gain no competitive advantage by doing so.

16. The use of GPS receivers for navigation is not allowed. It is considered receiving assistance.

17. Participants shall not inflict loss or damage on or to the property of any other person or the venue.

18. Participants take part at their own risk.

19. There will be 5 foxes a.k.a. transmitters in Intermediate,Beginner Category and 3 foxes in School Category respectively. Minimum distance between transmitters is 300m, and the transmitter closest to the starting point should be at least 400m away. Total course length from start to finish, via all transmitters, should be between 4km to 7 km.

20. Participating societies shall bear the travel expenses of their teams to and from the place of the Championships and the costs of accommodation and board during the Championships.

21. In the event of a thunderstorm, the Chairman of the Jury shall be entitled to recall competition immediately

22. The standard MOE/MOI/MOS/MOH/MO5 sequence will be used.

Transmitter will transmit Morse Code identification at approximate rate of 5 words/minute:-


The Foxes will transmit on a running sequential timing pattern of 1 minute "ON" followed by 4 minutes "OFF", as such that there will always a Fox transmitting at all times. (See chart below)
23. Each transmitter will be marked with a marker or flag within 2 meters radius. Although the standard red and white triangular prism is recommended, any unique, brightly colored marker is acceptable. All prisms must be identical, and a sample must be displayed at the starting point. The prism maybe at least 1 meter above the ground.

24. Transmitters maybe operated within the regulations of the country where the event is taking place. Frequencies shall be chosen in accordance with the local band plan.

25. Antenna patterns will be omni-directional in the horizontal plane. The transmitting antennas will be installed in a "Horizontal Polarized" position, at a height not exceeding 1.5m from the ground.


1. Each participant shall provide her or his own equipment. Every participant shall have a directional finder receiver for the relevant band and shall meet the technical specification for RDF.

2. Participants will be given a scoring card and punch card. The scoring card must be marked at each transmitter found, and returned at the finish line. The punch card is needed to record participants start and finish time. Transmitters may be found in any sequence.

3. The organizer will establish procedures for starting order, starting corridors, waiting areas, control of equipment, etc., as appropriate. The rules from other IARU regions serve as a model. The rules must be easy to understand and follow for all participants.

4. Timeout: The maximum time allowed on the course shall be 3 hours. Any participant exceeding this time shall be disqualified. The organizer may also, at their discretion, modify the timeout period the day of the event to take into account for any unexpected situations such as weather. The timeout period may not be modified once the event has started. To create a fairness competition, Participants are not allowed to use any communications device such as hand phone, extra handy talkie etc. other than the device which to be used for the hunts within the competition time. Such equipments to prevent this matter may be deployed. The penalty for this shall be disqualification.

5. The choice of clothing and footwear shall be free. Short pants are not allowed.

6. The Organizer will not be responsible towards any claims of damage or accidents. Participants will bear all risks and damages to themselves and their property.

7. Participants shall not take drugs which could alter their performance at any time during the competition and during the 24 hours prior to the commencement of competition.

8. Each competitor shall also have available a personal identification document showing his or her date of birth.

Organizer have the full rights to amend or make any changes to any of Rules & Regulations if such amendment or changes is deemed necessary without giving any notice and such amendment or changes will be announce on the event day.



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